Kackiest Kacky 3: The Final Chapter

  • Kackiest Kacky 3: The Final Chapter


    Server: tmtp://#join=sky_war

    Duration: 20.11.2018 - 23.12.2018

    Maps: Kackiest Kacky #151 - #200

    Style: 99% Luck

    Difficulty: Somewhere between Chuck Norris & Asian


    Team #mot & Team Sky joined forces for the third and very last edition of the "Kackiest Kacky" TMNF competition. As the previous two events, it will last for one month starting on the 21st November. The goal is basically to finish incredibly lucky challenges and exploit some bugs. Our team of roughly 25 builders gave their best to deliver the highest quality of creative luck maps. Every player has a chance to win since skill isn't really the main focus of this competition.


    The rules are quite simple: The goal is to finish as many maps as possible. There's a total of 51 maps which will be played for 1 month and every finished map will grant 1 point. The server rank (or the time driven on the tracks) only matters in the case of same number of finishes between two or more players. At the end of the event, the results will be announced on TMX Forums, as well as #mot/sky discord servers and our homepage.

    Use the /toprecs command on the server to check your current score !


    This event is sponsored by Nadeo ! The luckiest 3 players will win exclusive Nadeo merchandise.

    1.: 100'000 coppers + Nadeo merchandise of your choice

    2.: 75'000 coppers + Nadeo merchandise of your choice

    3.: 50'000 coppers + Nadeo merchandise of your choice

    4.: 40'000 coppers

    5.: 33'333 coppers

    6.: 25'000 coppers

    7.: 20'000 coppers

    8.: 15'000 coppers

    9.: 12'500 coppers

    10.: 10'000 coppers

    11-15.: 5'000 coppers

    16-20.: 3'000 coppers

    21-30.: 1'000 coppers


    Check the post below for the Nadeo Merchandise !


    Main organizers: Nixion (Discord: Nixion#0868) & Nicklander (Discord: Nicklander#2791)

    Sky Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/f2sjyfE

    Sky Homepage: skybreaker.eu/forum/index.php?thread/30-kackiest-kacky-iii-the-final-edition/

    E-Mail: team.skybreaker@gmail.com

    Sadly this will be our last edition of Kackiest Kacky. We had a lot of fun organizing those contest for you. Aftermovie videos of all three contests are in the makings. Team Sky, Team #mot & friends wish you the most painful Christmastime Trackmania has ever seen !