EXE Modding: Change the default loadout

  • This is how you can modify the default weapons that each class has at the beginning of a mission.
    Note: I'm using Hex Editor Neo because you can display the values in both hex and decimal. I recommend it for modding.
    It's completely up to you if you prefer to work with hex or decimal values. In this tutorial, I switched to decimal.

    First you need to open warhogs.exe with a HEX editor of your choice. If you use the fixed HoW.exe for Windows 10 from my video then the adresses will be the same as mine. You can see that every block describes a certain class. The values in red are the weapon values, those are not the same as in the POG files ! The values in yellow is the amount of every weapon and 255,255,255,255 means infinite use of a weapon. You can find a list of all the .exe weapon values used in the reference section of the wiki: Weapons [EXE]

    The list goes on and describes all the starting weapons of all the classes. So for instance, if we look at the first block that describes the loadout of the grunt, we can see that they got infinite use of the bayonett (ID:3), infinite use of the rifle (ID:7) and 3x grenades (ID:19). Now if you want to modify the loadout, you can simply change the weapon IDs and the amount to your preference. You can also add more weapons to the inventory by overwriting the empty slots (0 0 0 0 255 255 255 255) and of course remove weapons by setting the values to an empty slot.